Hiring a local electrician is fine for some projects, but it can present limitations that may cost home and business owners time and money. The fact is that some electricians are not qualified for all areas of electrical work. They may be experts at installations, repairs and maintenance, but cannot do wiring work. In that case the local electrician can install that new home theater system, but cannot add the extra sockets needed to plug in all the components. That means hiring two electricians to have the system fully functional.

Hiring an experienced company, such as Powerlec, for example, means there are electricians available to handle any issue or job for residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work. The company will send the best person for the job or project, whether it requires an installer, someone certified in re-wiring, or an inspector. They have more resources to efficiently complete all projects, regardless of needs or complexity. That will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Services from a company will include full and partial wiring, maintenance, twenty-four hour emergency repairs, fuse box replacements, fault diagnosis, inspection reports, consumer units, inspections, testing, certifications, smoke detectors, entry systems, portable appliance testing, installations, kitchen renovations, showers, internal and external lighting, and interior and exterior extra sockets. New construction projects can be inspected, wired, tested, and have all circuit boxes, appliances, lighting, and security components installed with one phone call.

There are many options for companies, so selecting a commercial electrician Essex, for example, can be confusing. It is difficult to determine which company will offer the best services at the most reasonable pricing, especially for owners who are new to an area, or are having something built for the first time. The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) is a voluntary regulatory body in the UK for electrical contractors, individual electricians, and electrical companies. Contractors registered with them follow a strict code of ethics, are updated on safety practices, and operate within compliance of building and safety regulations.

Those registered are assessed often to ensure they are keeping up with certifications, have not had any complaints filed against them, and are meeting the latest versions of all regulations. The website allows people to verify any electrician, company, or contractor free of charge. It is wise to verify online rather than just take the word of the company or contractor. There are over fifty companies and individuals who have falsely claimed to be registered with the NICEIC.